About Me

I was born in 1964.... what? You don't want to go back that far?
Okay. You just want the basics?
Married in 1987.
Mother of two teenagers, Son born in 1992 and Daughter in 1995.
Mother of That Fucking Cat born 2009 and Damn Dog born 2010.
I don't work outside the home.
However, I didn't check my brain at the door when I became a SAHM.
Husband travels a lot for work, so am regularly a solo parent Monday - Friday, and occasional weekends.
I read, write and play the violin.
Actually that's not true, I don't play the violin, just thought I needed a third thing on there.
I like wine and chocolate.
I don't like cooking much, but depends on my mood.
But I do make a mean pavlova.
I don't drive.
I love movies.
I don't like flying.
I am still trying to get Lance Armstrong to come over for dinner.
Not that I want to cook for him.
I like gardening, renovating and decorating.
Especially when I am just designing and supervising, and someone else is actually doing the hard yakka.
I laugh a lot.
I swear too much.
Sarcasm is my usual font of choice.
I'm just me.


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