Aug 4, 2014

Swings & Roundabouts

I recently got tagged on Facebook to take part in a brief positivity challenge. With all the sad, tragic news lately, it was refreshing at the end of each day, for five days, to reflect on three positive things to have come from that day.
However, I did find it hard not to strive for balance. I wanted to look for negative things too. 
That sounds weird doesn't it...bear with me.

Life isn't all highs, nor all lows. Usually. You might get a run of really shitty things happening, or a streak of good luck and happy times....but you won't recognise the simplest of positives, like a clean toilet, if you've never had a negative, like the skid marks and vomit chunks from forty drunk teenagers.

So I'm going to even up the scales (I blame this on the fact I am Libran - which I do for every whim I cannot explain) and write a balanced summary of present day life.

Negative: My husband often works Mon - Fri in other cities, which means he flies out early on a Monday morning.  His alarm goes off any time between 4am and 5am depending on flight times, and in recent months I have found it impossible to go back to sleep after I am woken by the hideous ::brrrrrr::brrrrr::brrrrr:: of his phone. It fucking shits me to tears.
Positive: On the upside, I have been experiencing the gentle sounds of nature at that hour, as the birds wake, the dog stirs, the cat bangs on the window wanting breakfast, and the Husband rolls his suitcase up the driveway...::thud::thud::thud:: ...

Ok, I think I need to try harder at this 'balanced' thing.

Negative: It was so cold this morning (yes, after being woken at 5am) that I really didn't want to get out of bed. That Fucking Cat had no consideration for the temperature, which was a whole one degree. And when I finally dragged myself out to feed the fat arsehole, for fear of him actually breaking through the window and my bedroom becoming an instant igloo, I rushed back to bed to find the dog had taken my spot. 
Positive: The frost on the front lawn was beautiful.

Extra Positive: The payoff for a cold, frosty morning is a bright, sunny day. And a satisfied cat.

Negative: I woke up with a fat lip and the beginnings of a cold sore. This makes me wonder whose arse the Husband was kissing on his training course in another city last week.
Positive: My love for Nyal Cold Sore Cream (no fancy names, it just says what it is and it works) has been rekindled - lump holding steady at approximately 2mm, and the Husband has taken his virus (well, I'm blaming him) off to yet another city this week, away from me.

Negative: I'm still a bit of a tech noob. I don't know much, and get frustrated when things go wrong. I had an annoying couple of hours on Instagram on the weekend when something didn't work and I didn't know how to make it right. I blamed Instagram, my iPad, Kyle Sandilands, and the pro-Russian rebels, and seriously thought about starting drinking, all before midday.
Positive: I swallowed my pride and asked complete strangers what was going on. Turns out it was a technical fuckup by ME due to my use of a taboo hashtag (note to all: don't use #photography hashtag on Instagram pics, because DUH, IT'S INSTAGRAM, IT'S ALL PHOTOGRAPHY). Anyway, I discovered how helpful people are when you ask nicely (I didn't swear or blame terrorists) and more people were nice enough to come and 'like' my photo when I asked them to, because I didn't want to feel like a loser for the entire day.
(Shameless Plug: I am catep36 on Instagram, follow me and like all of my #7vignettes photos this week, because I'm needy. Seriously though, if you're into styling vignettes or just looking at nice stuff, it's worth checking out. There are some amazing pro stylists, decorators, artists and business people involved in the #7vignettes game each month. I'm a total rookie.)

Negative: Mum has been gone for just over a year.
Positive: It's her birthday today and I'm thinking CAKE.

It's all swings and roundabouts really, isn't it. Ups and downs. Good and bad.
And at the end, there's always cake.

Share a positive and negative with me.


  1. Vicissitudes are what life is made of.
    I'm positive that I am not a negative person.
    take a daily dose of Lysine (capsule) from the beginning of winter to lessen any chance of cold sores beginning.

  2. Positive: it's not raining (summer in London)
    Negative: it's not raining (I need to water the plants)

    LCM x


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