Aug 7, 2014


I enjoyed my first attempt at #7vignettes in July so much, I knew I'd give it another go in August.
(For new readers, I watched, and enjoyed, the #7vignettes 'game' developed by Jen(@interiorsaddict) on Instagram for a while, before finally deciding to take the plunge last month. It runs for the first seven days of every month, and Jen forms a list of seven different themes, challenging all participants to create seven vignettes related to those themes, upload them to Instagram throughout the week, and join in the fun.)

Last month I focused on including lots of colour, vintage items, and bits of nature in every photo. I took a fresh photo every day over the course of the week and was happy with that process, but decided to get a bit more organised this time. I studied the list of prompts, gathered armfuls of props from around our home, and set about producing all seven photos in one morning. This meant I was able to be consistent with natural lighting, background, style, and themes. (I did have to redo one photo the next day as I wasn't happy with the original result when compared to the other six. I'm a fusspot.)
I stuck to my favoured vintage theme (smart move, as the day 4 prompt was in fact 'vintage') but decided to pare down the colours, and include things that meant something to me. Every photo ended up telling a story.

Day 1. North
My grandfather left Australia for the first time to travel north to a war from which most didn't return. Luckily, he did. He was a stretcher bearer who rescued and treated many soldiers while under fire, was wounded, and awarded the Military Medal.

Day 2. Collector
I am a collector of faces, and of the memorabilia treasured by those faces. 

Day 3. Unique
A camera with no film, a pocket watch with no hands, and admission to a race meet held 97 years ago. All uniquely useless, but I love them.

Day 4. Vintage
With so many vintage goodies to choose from, I focused on the fact August 4 was my late mum's birthday, so it was apt to show some of her belongings; her 1948 street directory, childhood autograph book, marcasite watch and a letter from the Queen's secretary dated 1939.

Day 5. Nurture
My mother's childhood melds with mine.

Day 6. Craft
My grandmother kept sewing paraphernalia and buttons galore because they were useful. I keep them because they're beautiful and remind me of her.

Day 7. Organic
My mother-in-law worked at Faulding's in her youth - she was even their hand model at one point - and kept some of the bottles she acquired during those years. Lucky for me and my vintage collection.

I really enjoyed these prompts; they were fun, brought some of my belongings to life, and stirred some nice memories.
Roll on September!

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  1. What fun. I loved look closely at your pictures. Amazing memories for you.


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