Jul 29, 2014

Not a fashion blogger...

And I'm not. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But while I do love, for the sake of my own wardrobe, that pretty much 'anything goes' these days, there is something to be said for the times when people dressed up to leave the house, no matter where they were going. Of course, if life was still like that, we wouldn't have sites like People Of Walmart....

And where would the interwebz be without such gems?

If my grandparents, and even parents, had Instagram back in their day, I'm sure the web would be a much classier place. Or would it?

Well, there'd be a lot of hats, for starters....

                     Unknown source. Somebody with a good eye though.

My grandparents. The couple who were hatted together, stayed together.

Grandparents again, shopping in the city. For frocks. And possibly for hats.

My aunties donned belts and hats for a hit of tennis. Not to keep the sun off, but for fashion. And not a Nike contract in sight.

Great Uncle Frank and Grandfather Bert getting into the party hat spirit. Clearly, Great Uncle Doone hadn't drunk enough of the spirits yet. 
(Also, three piece suits were not just for weddings! Suave.)

Nanna, hatted, while Grandfather Bert looks embarrassed to be caught hatless. Nanna will make him pay for that later. At least he had his three piece suit on, surely that scored him points.

And of course, Mum wore the obligatory wedding hat. Or was it a shower cap...

And ties! All of the ties.

Pinstripe suits and ties, even a bow tie, at a party at a hall. (Alas, no hats)

The Downton Abbey staff, relaxing.....no, sorry, it's just a party in my parents' rumpus room.

The sartorial splendour of ties and cardigans, while posing awkwardly at the bar.

And if you didn't want to wear a hat...or a tie... but still want to make sure someone posts your photo on the internet more than fifty years later....
Do what my dad's mate always did.


Now HE would've made a great fashion blogger...


  1. While I'm happy to have a hat revival, I'm not so sure about the petticoats, pantyhose and heels that women wore back then. I'd prefer to leave those in the past. Beautiful photos. x

    1. Same here, I'd soon tire of all that paraphernalia. I love my jeans too much!

  2. Golly doesn't everyone look so darn chic! I love the belted tennis outfits - I think you should send that pic to Grace Coddington for ideas.

    1. I think that's my favourite look too. Can't imagine running for the ball would've been easy though!

  3. Love my hat. Wear it all the time. Not to bed though. Yet.

    1. You have a good head for hats. Especially swimming caps...

  4. Let's hope that Walmart woman doesn't have to reach up to a high shelf for anything.
    I know a few women who still wear petticoats. Of course they're all over sixty and none of them is me.


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