Feb 5, 2014

H is for Heat, Holidays and Hosier Lane

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It's hot, my family are all on holidays, I've come into contact with some hot men (and ladies), and we visited Hosier Lane in Melbourne.

I could end the post there, because I'm too hot and horribly lazy to write any more, but I'll turn the airconditioner on and continue.

We've had a scorcher Summer in Australia, and particularly here in Adelaide. We laid claim to the Hottest City in the World title on one particular day, and have already had the hottest February day on record. The temperature has soared above 40 degrees Celsius regularly, plants have died, lawns are brown, electricity bills are skyrocketing, and my hot flushes are unbearable. 
I have forgotten what it's like to feel cold. Or wear something with sleeves.

To add to the warmth, I've run into some very hot people recently.
And before you laugh, no, I have never thought Ricky Ponting (former captain of the Australian cricket team) was hot either, until I met him. He has never 'done it' for me.
But...y'know....put me in the media room at Adelaide Oval (where I was a social media ambassador for the Adelaide Strikers during the Big Bash League season), give me some nice food and a great view of the game, and then in walks Ricky....AND I'M ALL GIRLY FAWNING FANGIRL, STUPID GRIN AND ALL STUPID.
He was lovely, and we had a nice snuggle together, so his Hot-O-Meter went up several notches.

To top that off, just four days later I ran into some more hotness, at a wedding of all places.
Put a stinking hot day, free beer, vodka in hipflasks, a photo booth, and a bunch of footballers together, and what do you get? Yep, let your imagination run wild and you're probably halfway there.
Let's just say I had a fun night. Especially when I hung around the photo booth to make sure the lads had buttoned up their shirts straight, and happened to peek behind the curtain, phone in hand. Ahem.

You didn't need to see his face, did you?

The Husband and I then headed off to Melbourne for a mini-holiday where we were greeted with more heat (but not as much as Adelaide), some hot ladies.....

.....and Hosier Lane. This is an alley where graffiti has been legalised and the street art is AMAZING. Anyone can come and create a masterpiece, and the work is continually painted over with more art. We did hear there is a bit of an artist hierarchy, so you have to be careful whose art you paint over, but not sure how it works. Maybe a spray can battle at high noon to determine an order, I dunno. The brilliant thing is that you could visit every week and see something different every time. We watched an artist at work on the Friday morning, and when we revisited Sunday night to see the end result, it had already been painted over by something equally fabulous. Clearly, he was not Top Dog. 
If you ever go to Melbourne you must check it out.

We crammed a lot into our three day visit, and returned home hot, tired, aching, sunburnt, and several kilos heavier. All the walking and heat didn't seem to burn off the food, dammit.

We are heading south next week, to a beach house where the temperature is usually about 5 or more degrees lower than Adelaide, and the cooler nights and sea breeze brings some relief from the searing sun. I may even have to take a light jacket. 
I am stupidly excited at this prospect.
If I never have a hot flush on a 45 degree day, ever again, I'll be a happy woman.

Oh yes, H is also for HORMONES.


  1. I hope you aren't one of the unfortunate people without power right now. Most of today has been comfortable but the temps are climbing again.
    Hosier lane looks awesome, that art work is just fabulous.

    1. Power has stayed on at home, thank goodness! My dad was not so luck, 36 hours without, in a nursing home mind you. Not good.

  2. I love Hosier Lane and the alleys of Melbourne are just fabulous.

    Polar vortex for some and incredible heat where you are... i wish things could be more in the middle!

    1. So do I ! Give me 22 degrees any day, and I'm happy.


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