Jan 15, 2014

G is for Glockenspiel

Continuing my Blog The Alphabet theme
(and yes, it's been a long time between alphabetical drinks)

Whenever some stupid questionnaire asks for my favourite word, I immediately say 'Glockenspiel'.
I have no idea why. Maybe because it's a German word and I studied German for five years in high school. Maybe because it's an awkward word, I don't really have a favourite and I feel awkward being asked stupid questions.
But Glockenspiel is underrated.
Seriously, how cool would this game be....


If I'm forced to, I guess I could up with some other words I like which start with G.

Grass. To walk on or to smoke, that's up to you to decide which exact definition you prefer.
Gin. Galliano.
Gift. Particularly if it is of Gin, Galliano or Gold.
Galaxy. A shop called Gelati Galaxy would be a dream come true.
Gallivant. An underused word. There should be more gallivanting.
Gravitate. Also underused. There should be more gravy. What?
Geek. Glitter. Gaffe.
Those three explain why I watch Beauty And The Geek every year.
Gofer. But not Gopher. Except in Caddyshack. And The Love Boat.
Grape. I like seedless. AKA wine. But not like these grapes, which apparently have an existential crisis....

Gizmo. Gadget. These are easier to spell than Thingymajig.
Gazpacho. Never eaten it, but great word.
Genuflect. Stupid word, gotta love it.
Glass. Preferably full to the brim, none of this half empty/half full bullshit.
Gobsmacked. A regular of mine.
Gawd. First introduced by my mother, who, despite never setting foot in a church in her adult life apart from the obligatory weddings, christenings and funerals, must have thought it blasphemous to say 'God' in exclamation, so she said 'Gawd'. That is, when she wasn't saying "Oh, SHIT". (having said all that, she didn't seem to have any problem yelling 'JESUS BLOODY CHRIST'. Go figure)
Guatemala. Which is what the Husband calls Guacamole. 
If you ever say "My guesstimate would be about a gazillion", I will kiss you.
Gravedigger. Not the actual job, just the word. I dig it. Sorry.
Guano. Not the actual bird poop, just the word. It's the shiz. Sorry again.

Gully. Green. Gum. 
A green gully engulfed with gum trees is glorious. And a tongue-twister. You will say 'glum trees' eventually. Go on, try it.
Gratuitous. Like unnecessary sex scenes in a book or movie. Or fucking unwarranted swearing.
Goodness Gracious. When I utter these words instead of gratuitous swearing, people look at me suspiciously, wondering if I'm being sarcastic. I am.
Google. Because without it, I'd take longer to work out how to spell Guatemala.

Did I miss a great G word? (yay, I get to ask a stupid question for a change)
Apart from G-spot and G-string, of course....


  1. Gustatory:-the meal was a gustatory delight.
    I use gazillion a fair bit and love the sound of gizmo.


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