Jan 8, 2014

12 Things I've Done Since I Last Blogged

(Because we all love to read a list, says places like Buzzfeed and its cohorts)

1. Made pavlovas. I spent Christmas Eve separating eleventy dozen eggs, whipping cream, melting chocolate and slicing mango for my traditional Christmas Day pavlovas. I say traditional in the sense that the pavs have been my job for the family feast at least 5 years in a row now; so it's a young tradition, one my lot love, because I usually have one or two failed attempts which become Eton Mess desserts for our own consumption, before I produce The Perfect Ones. Sadly, this year I had immediate success, so the Husband and Offspring missed out on extras.

This year's topping choices were Mango & Passionfruit
and Choc-Cherry
2. Avoided all other cooking.  I hate that everyone expects to be fed every day. Greedy pigs. So I managed to weasel my way around it with meals out, quick shove-in-the-oven ready meals, takeaway, takeaway leftovers, unrecognisable leftovers, thrown-together-help-yourself-smorgasbords, and BBQs. All was going well until last week when Husband looked at me quietly for what felt a long time, then said,
"You haven't actually cooked a proper meal for ages..."
Me: "I'm on holidays."
Him: "You're always on holidays."
His swelling has gone down now.

3. Eat out. As mentioned, there have been meals out over the last couple of months. A lot of them. When our kids were young we would catch up with friends at each other's homes, but now they're all big, annoying adults, our usual catchphrase is "LET'S GO OUT". And yes, it is often yelled, with a carefree "WOOHOO" tacked on the end. Cafe, bakery, shopping centre food court, or pub lunches..... cafe, pub or restaurant dinners; we've managed them all, with or without friends. Sometimes we've even managed a great view...

View from the beachside Largs Pier Hotel

Husband may or may not be talking
about my boobs....

East End, Adelaide
View from Sailmaster Tavern at North Haven marina

4. Avoided the treadmill. Related to all of the above. Seriously, I can barely bring myself to enter the shed, let alone look that treadmill in the eye (I'm sure it has eyes, and they are evil) because SHAME. EAT. FAT. LAZY. CHOCOLATES. etc etc....

5. Read books, watched movies, took photos. Books, always. Movies, an abundance, both in theatres and at home. I loved Philomena and The Book Thief. Photos, a plethora....especially now I have a decent phone. And know how to use it. Sort of. Mostly. Okay, sometimes I accidentally fluke a good shot that isn't of my foot or up someone's nose.

6. Did iPad jigsaws. I got a bit addicted to the Magic Puzzle app. It was very therapeutic to bend my head over the screen of an evening, squint until my eyes watered and solve a 550 piece virtual puzzle of classic artworks, such as Sanzio's The School Of Athens, and Rubens' The Tiger Hunt. Did I say therapeutic? I meant insane. Bit distressed because I completed all the free ones, and I refuse to pay money to get more. Addiction resolved.

7. Did a real jigsaw. When the iPad puzzles dried up I opened up my Christmas present and issued the annual warning to my family,
"Touch my jigsaw and I WILL hurt you."
I only had to threaten to snap my son in half once when he went near it, and he knew by the way my eye twitched and top lip curled, I meant it.
My daughter put one piece in when my back was turned. She is disinherited.

Portofino, Italy, in a thousand pieces

8. Shopped. Both online and in REAL shops. Remember real shops? Vaguely. I do a lot online these days (a LOT...sigh), but when I had one failure of a parcel being delivered two and a half weeks after it was "on board for delivery today" (and it looked like it had been trodden on, driven over, and hurled to hell and back), we decided to have a couple of stints at REAL shops, with goods we could touch, try on, and bring home straight away. Husband still managed to come home with a shirt too big for him which had to be exchanged, and I bought a top which I now think is a tad ugly.
I've decided I'm a better online shopper. I take my time and don't panic, I'm selective, confident and I shop around for bargains.....and I do it when Husband is asleep.

9. Became too familiar with my bathroom. And not even through cleaning it, but by being trapped in it, at one point being almost a prisoner in there for three and a half days, and doubting I would see the light of day ever again.
No, I wasn't locked in. I wish I was, that would be much funnier.
Let's just say "Women's Problems" and move on...

10. Attended sporting events. If it involved basketball or cricket, I was probably there. New Year's Eve was especially good at Adelaide Oval, watching the Adelaide Strikers win their Big Bash League game, followed by a music/dance/laser light show. And the summer ain't over yet, still more balls to be thrown, bowled, hit, shot, whatever. And my tweeting as a "Social Media Ambassador" for the Strikers continues.
I may have made up that title myself, I can't remember....

Anthem time at the Ashes Test
Adelaide Oval "Village Green"
Adelaide Strikers
New Year's Eve Light Show

Adelaide 36ers basketball
11. Raspberried a politician. Christopher Pyne sat not far behind us at the cricket and walked past me up the steps a few times. My tweet of,
"Christopher Pyne is sitting not far behind us. Never been so tempted to push someone down the stairs in my life. "
went a bit viral and got so many "DO IT" responses, I was in stitches.
I settled for showing him my tongue instead.

I should have videoed to include the noise I made...

12. Avoided blogging. Because I was too busy eating and jigsawing. Obviously.

Coming up? A couple of mini holidays, more sport, more eating out and hopefully still no cooking.

Happy New Year!


  1. Ooh Kate! You and me both! I can't look the treadmill in the eye either. Enjoy the holidays and ignore hubby. If God meant us to cook on holidays, why did he make restaurants?

    1. That's a wise question to live by! And not just on holidays...

  2. You certainly have been busy! Those pavlovas look amazing but agree that cooking every day is over rated. Enjoy your holidays/sport/ no cooking. xo

    1. Sounds busier than it was, I did spend a lot of time in my PJs!

  3. Cate, I have missed you! I always love your blog posts! Your photos are beautiful, yet really strange-looking since we're in different hemispheres! So many parts of the US, including where I live, is having record breaking low temperatures and lots of snow...again,, including where I live. I LOVE snow, but mostly when it happens in December for a White Christmas! I can't imagine the seasons being so opposite.....summer there, while winter here! My little brain can barely handle that! LOL. Anyway...loved your post, as always!

    1. I know what you mean, I see all the snow pics and I can't even imagine how cold it is! I have been to the snow here in Aus, but we don't get any in Adelaide.
      Thanks Becky, I need to get back into the blog world soon, both writing AND reading :)

  4. Top a tad ugly? Dye it black.

    1. Meh, it only cost me 10 bucks, don't think it's worth the worry. Will get worn nowhere special!

  5. This should be a meme. I have become so very terrible at blogging recently.

    1. Good thinking, Wendy. I've been a shite writer and reader for six months now, I need to give my mojo a kick!

  6. Love all the pics of Oz! Pavlovas look ace - happy new year!

    1. I should post more pics, I forget people like to see where others live! I'll delete the ones of my feet first...

  7. This gave me a much needed chuckle. Will uncork some wine and read it again to double the effect. Happy New Year Auntie Cate!

  8. Sounds awesome, apart from being locked in the toilet. Love the tongue poking, and pavlova. I've also avoided blogging and cooking, unfortunately small humans expect to be fed all the time.

    1. What is with all the eating? Oh, survival... meh.

  9. I haven't come around for a while. Good to see you are still "up to no good" lol. All I can say is, don't ever change! Happy New Year XO

    1. You too Alina! I will always be up to no good, even if I only share it once in a while ;)


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