Dec 10, 2012

My Apocalypse Bucket List: Part One

TO DO: in no particular order (except maybe the first four, they're favourites)

George Clooney, high on Nespresso.

Hugh Jackman, after he's shaved.

Ewan McGregor, with The Force.

Daniel Craig, shaken not stirred, bow tie on.

Orlando Bloom, dressed as Legolas.

Kate Winslet. What? I have no problem with being bi-curious if the world's about to end and I have to say she totally does it for me, as far as women go.

Natalie Portman. See above.

Hugh Laurie, not as House but with his natural British accent.

Robert Downey Jnr, in his Ironman suit.

Johnny Depp, as any of his characters. Oh, maybe not Edward Scissorhands. Ouch.

Barack Obama. No explanation necessary.

Prince Harry, but not in Vegas.

Sting, for the 80s.

Tom Hardy, also British. Hmmm.

Any one of the vampires.

Jude Law, as long as he doesn't bring the nanny. Unless the nanny is Kate Winslet.

Joel Madden, sans toothpick.

Jared Leto, unless he has his pink mohawk back. Or his blonded eyebrows. Or no eyebrows. Hmm, maybe he's a little bit weird for me after all.

David Beckham, as long as he doesn't speak. That's one British voice I don't like.

The Australian Men's Hockey team. Okay, maybe not all of them.

Keanu Reeves, because Matrix.

Mark Wahlberg, with his Boogie Nights prosthesis.

Jack Baillieu, especially if he rides up to me on his polo horse.

Eminem, because you've got to lose yourself in the moment. And he'll only get one shot.

Jason Statham. I don't know, maybe it's the British accent again? Clearly, I have issues.

Keith Urban, as long as Nicole doesn't find out. She's tall. I'm scared of her.

Oscar Pistorius, with or without his blades.

Lance Armstrong, without his lycra.

Justin Timberlake, so we can bring sexy back one last time before the zombies get us all.

Some guy I once knew called James. He was British too. I'm not right in the head.

Harry Connick Jnr and Michael Buble. Together. No, not like that, I just want them to croon some smooth songs in the background.

I'm sure I've missed many of my past heart-throbs. 
So, who would you add?
Bear in mind we only have about 11 days left...


  1. Loved it! Still laughing too much to come up with anyone I'd add..maybe that Mouldy x-files dude, haven't seen what he looks like lately though.

    And I'm sure you can manage that list in 11 days. Get to it!

    1. Ahh, the Duchovny dude. Don't reckon he ever did it for me, you can have him for the whole 11 days :)

  2. Impressed with the sheer numbers on your list. You have got a very busy 11 days coming up....

    1. Just as well it won't matter how bad my back is when the world ends...

  3. ARGGHHH, I forgot to add John Cleese, because HILARIOUS.
    Also, British.

  4. John Cusack. But he HAS to clean his teeth 'cos he's a smoker.
    Viggo Mortensen (in his Aragorn outfit, but freshly showered)
    Jude Law
    Alan Rickman
    Stephen Fry (I'd do my best to think of his brain and try to turn his around)
    Jeff Probst from Survivor (hey, if you can have Justin Timberlake....)

    1. I must admit I thought of Viggo too, and only as Aragorn. I have trouble thinking of Alan Rickman as anyone but Severus Snape, so I didn't add him!

  5. Silly me! I thought this was going to be a list of things to do, not who to do.

  6. Brilliant list! I also thought it was going to be a list of things to do, was pleasantly surprised! Add for me Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element, Shaun Connery, probably even now, George Cloony and most of your list!

    1. Yeah, Connery is on my reserve list. Most of the Bonds are :)

  7. Cate, now, if I did not know you better I would be worried. Since you clearly have a 'British' thing going on, here's a quintessential London joke for you:
    Q - What did the Essex girl (Google it, otherwise just replace with bogan) say after sex?
    A - "So which team do youse all play for?"

    Luv ya' (and I also have pretty much the same apocaplytical tastes... bodes well for our April encounter).

    LCM x

    1. Since discovering my family tree has me descended from Essex and Middlesex families, I have been introduced to a whole new world of Essex Girl jokes, thanks to a certain hilarious East Londoner we both know. Brilliant, they make me laugh. Now bring me the hockey team. x

  8. Pierce Brosnan. Dressed in tuxedo.


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