Nov 21, 2012

Let's Go Shopping

I'm one of 'them'.

An Impulse Shopper.

I've always tried hard to rein myself in somewhat and keep control, and been proud that I am a Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire; I rarely pay full price for anything. And there have even been many occasions when the Husband has suggested I take myself off shopping somewhere, only to be puzzled by my response of "But I don't actually need anything right now".

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to shop, I can do it for HOURS, but not for no reason. You see, I must have a target of some sort, a Holy Grail I am seeking, whether it be as small and simple as the perfect shade of nailpolish, or as large as a new sofa. Then, and only then, can I feel justified at spending four hours trying on clothes and shoes before grabbing a furniture brochure and heading towards the OPI nail colours in David Jones.

For the sake of my credit card balance and my Husband's sanity, I cannot go shopping just for the hell of it. It doesn't feel right, and I KNOW I will spend up an unwarranted storm. But if there's a reason to be there, a 'must-have' item or gift I'm after, then Bring It On.

A quick trip to the supermarket last week reiterated why my Husband would prefer I do all our grocery shopping online, where I stick to my lists and only buy what we need. No extras. We were at a shopping centre collecting my new prescription sunglasses (the dog ate my old pair, seriously) when I remembered I wanted to get some of that special stuff you clean the dishwasher with by running it through a cycle, empty. Easy. Quick in and out. Fifteen minutes and $87 later...

The next day we made a quick trip to IKRAPEA to see if they had any cheap, comfy, stackable chairs we could use for the extra bums at Christmas and parties.(Husband has been a bit careless around our old plastic ones and they are now splashed with a variety of paint colours. And they are blue. My Christmas theme this year is red. They won't look right. Duh.) Anyway, two hours and $370 later....

This all follows on from last week's quick dash to the shops to get the Daughter a new dress or outfit (maybe two) for the multitude of parties she has coming up. Three hours and $400 later...

Only last night, the Husband said "It's the Myer Christmas Sale night, heaps of discounts. Come on, let's go in", and I started to move.... but stopped and said "No."

I think he stopped breathing for just a moment, and I may have too. I told him I didn't need anything, there was nothing specific to buy, so it wouldn't be worth the effort.

He seemed quite proud of me.

I am totally not telling him it's because I had not washed my hair for 48 hours, had a pimple brewing on my jaw, my sinuses were aching due to a hayfeverish wind, and I was a bit pongy after the 37 degree temperatures.

Let's just call it Impulse Control instead.

Do you stick to what you need or do you always get extras? And have you ever managed to leave IKEA empty-handed? 


  1. I am not an impulse shopper but I have never managed to leave Ikea having purchased only the items I came for an nothing else. The kitchen ware and toys always draws me in.

    1. There is always some storage idea that grabs my attention.... like a nifty box to hide my shopping receipts in...

  2. I used to be an impulse clothes shopper but now that I'm fat and broke not so much. Sigh.

    As for Ikea, I can't stand it, IKRAPEA sums it up for me.

    1. Hah, I can relate to that. Luckily handbags don't have to fit a certain size.

  3. My mom used to wait in the car while I ran into the market for the "one thing" she needed, she so spdidnt trust herself. On the other hand, today I was virtuously returning a black blouse I did not need and my eye fell on a "long-quested" dark red blouse that wound up coming home with me. Ikea kitchen stuff so good you wonder how it could have been invented by people who eat lutefisk.

    1. But I'm sure you *needed* that red blouse. *nods*

  4. I tend to buy in batches, particularly clothes. I can be very restrained for weeks and then buy one pair of trousers and then all hell breaks loose as I then spot boots which go with them, a shirt that works well and a jacket that matches the new trousers perfectly.

  5. 99% of the time I do stick to my list and yes, I have left IKEA empty handed, several times.
    I see plenty of impulse buying at the checkout. One woman (last year) actually said to me "I hadn't planned on doing any shopping at all" as she unloaded an overflowing trolley onto my checkout. So I asked her why she had come into the store. "Oh, just in case" is what she said. Her bill was over $200. And I see this time and time again. I'm no longer surprised by it.

  6. Bring a child with autism with you and you'll be fine: they need to be told beforehand exactly how many shops are going to be visited, what is going to be purchased and when they will be coming could say that my son has saved me a fortune!

  7. Fail here too. Never once left IKEA with an empty hand. I am getting better however, at asking myself 'do I REALLY need this' Sadly I awlays answer yes.


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