Oct 30, 2012

My Favourites Of The Week

Favourite vintage photo, especially the dropbear in the tree

Favourite bearded iris from my garden

Favourite hole in my footpath, right in front of my letterbox.
The postie may be down there.

Favourite 'sunset in my garden' shot

Favourite sign to put on the front door

Favourite album cover (I wonder if he was on Spanish X-Factor)

Favourite teatowel
Favourite mouse quote

Favourite vintage drink coaster

Favourite splash of orange

Favourite book

Favourite relatable truth


  1. Looking good in that splash of orange, Cate xx

  2. The sunset in the garden photo is superb.

  3. Most enjoyable round up. And I need one of those signs on my door- I was just disturbed by another energy bill door knocker. SO. over. them! There's no real benefit, right?


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