Nov 13, 2012

The Giving Bowl

I am reposting this blog on the Giving Bowl from earlier this year as Cate Bolt needs our help. She is currently recovering from another stroke, and is unable to type. This halts her fundraising efforts on Twitter, Facebook, and via her blog dramatically, and she worries about what this will do to Foundation 18's future. 
Worrying is not good for healing.
Please, if you can, donate to Foundation 18 here
or buy a Giving Bowl here
or something from Cate's newest ETSY shop, Skull Buttonry here
or something else like these gorgeous gift tags here

Please, every little bit helps.

The Amazing Cate has done it again.

Not me. The other Cate. Cate Bolt. The one with 9 children, who told me just the other day that by the time her youngest finishes school (he just started), she will have been packing school lunches for 30 years. THIRTY. I may have replied something about her being fucking insane, to which she did not disagree.

Anyway, Cate, Australian Humanitarian and Conservationist, Foundation 18 Founder, tireless Charity worker, handicraft maker and insane mother,  came up with the idea of The Giving Bowl.

The Giving Bowl is an international campaign for incidental altruism. The concept is simple - buy a bowl, throw your spare change in each day and when it's full - donate to a worthy cause. But it's not just an 'initiative' or an 'idea' or a 'suggestion'.... she went ahead and started making actual bowls.  (you can read about this more in Cate's blog) And they are lovely. They even come packaged so beautifully, I felt like I was ruining something arty when I opened it.

In Cate's words, her objective with this project is to be "as earth friendly, carbon neutral, fair trade and positive impact as we possibly can. To this end we have reviewed every single process from the fibres we select to the power we use to create an industry which has the most positive impact possible for the earth and all of its creatures." (If you wish to know more about the processes of making the bowls, check out the details on The Giving Bowl's Etsy page, where you can also purchase them...lots of them)

This is what we used to throw our spare change into... a plastic cup of unknown origins.

Now doesn't this look better?

So do yourself, your spare change, your favourite charity, and some very worthy kids a favour. Go check them out. Profits from the sale of these bowls go towards the Foundation 18 orphanage and education and medical outreach programs for severely disadvantaged children in Indonesia.
Buy one for yourself. Buy one for every family member. Give a bowl as a gift. It's the ultimat
e gift that gives and gives and gives.... Just like Cate. Not me. The other one.


  1. I'm rather fond of *both* my Cate's, just quietly. You AND 'the other Cate'.

    But seriously – isn't this a fabbo idea?! And I love your thought about giving them as gifts... let the spirit of giving keep on giving, right? :)

    1. Absolutely, I think they're perfect.
      And us Cates do rock ;)

  2. I do this now with a spaghetti sauce jar. When the jar is full, there is enough in there to buy an Oxfam Unwrapped card.

  3. They're cute little bowls, what are they made of?

    1. Assorted styles. Some are made with coloured twine, mine is crocheted wool, which is then felted. Have a look at the different designs on the Etsy site.

  4. She is an amazing woman! I love this idea. Simple and wonderful. x

  5. Truly brilliant idea, I will make it happen for me too! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. What a lovely idea. Makes son much sense, our change is dumped all over the house thanks to my lovely husband!


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