Feb 1, 2010

Tag, I'm It

I know, you were all expecting a great rant from me this time (see previous promise). Sorry to disappoint you, but I've been tagged somewhat enthusiastically by my blogger buddies so I thought I'd best respond to them first. I think they did it deliberately as a form of Rant Intervention.

Jamie, Wendy and Melissa have railroaded me, err, I mean bestowed upon me various awards/tags which I believe require me to choose my favourite photos, tell you what about them makes me happy, and reveal approximately 1,117 secrets about myself, all whilst wearing a pink frilly dress with puffed sleeves, jumping on a pogo stick and baking a three-layered sponge cake. Or something like that.

As usual, I don't plan to do exactly as I am supposed to, because, well, that just wouldn't be me. I've ditched the frilly dress for starters. I wouldn't mind some cake, but I'm not the best cook in the world, probably not even in this house. Seriously, I commit more kitchen-related crimes by murdering good food than anybody I know (that would be Secret #1). I'm keen on the pogo stick, though the new glass wall in the family room appears to be shuddering at the thought of me hurtling through it. So photos and facts/secrets/bullshit it is then.

Secret #2. I don't have a favourite anything, I tend to split everything up into categories. Not for me to choose one favourite movie, book or song, but you may be able to get me to narrow it down to favourite comedy, favourite drama etc, or favourite crime novel, favourite romance, and then favourite rock anthem, favourite ballad, and so on. Not sure if this means I am fickle or indecisive. I'd say it points more to me being a flaky Libran (can my starsign be Secret #3?).

Therefore choosing one photo over all the others just ain't gonna happen. Although....there was that one pic of my..... that I sent to..... ahh, never mind. That would be revealing too many secrets (insert a vision of me giving a theatrical wink here). So here's a few of my faves in different categories.

I love antiques, anything old with a bit of character and I'm hooked (Secret #4). Friends and family know to never throw out any old things they find in their Grandpa's sheds until I've had a look at it. Or as my daughter says, "Got any crusty old crap? She'll take it". I particularly love old photos, black and white, sepia....my house is full of them, and this is one of my faves. A priceless shot of some of my mother-in-law's ancestors, apparently taken at a tennis picnic held in the Adelaide Hills. And of course the bloke on the right brought along a gun. Doesn't everybody?

(I'm expecting a few mother-in-law + gun jokes to come in after that, don't disappoint me).

Kids next. Lots to choose from here, since it has been a standing joke in our family that my son was the most photographed child in the Southern Hemisphere. Secret #5. Guilty as charged, I always had the damn camera out, poor kid. Funny that he is now studying photography at school.

One that always makes me giggle is this one of him, aged 2, holding a too-big ball, wearing too-big shoes, too-long hair and a too-fake smile.
And yes, the first sport he played was basketball, and he is still playing it today, aged 17. I think he fits into those shoes now.

Also taken when she was nearly 2, was this one of my daughter, who had been trying to hold as many teddies in her arms as possible, when she looked at me with such a resigned face as if to say "I only have tiny arms, this is the best I can do". Cute.

One I have to include for a look of sheer delight is another of the girl. Have you ever seen a kid so happy to be clambering all over Ronald McDonald? So glad I captured this because she's 15 now. Teenager. Hormones. Moods. Sigh.

For a fave photo of the 2 kids together I can't go past this one taken when my daughter had returned home from hospital, having spent the night there having surgery to reset a broken wrist. My son was being very protective of her and wouldn't leave her side. They settled down on the sofa together to watch a movie and as the after-effects of the anaesthetic caught up with her, she gradually closed her eyes and toppled over onto his lap. He did not move for the next two hours. That's love. Or I bribed him. Can't remember which.
Secret #6. I have resorted to bribery on occasion. So sue me.

I should also include a fave photo taken by my son, aged about 14 at the time. As I said, he is studying photography, and this is one of the very first photos he took. We were on holiday, driving across the country and stopped at some random town, the name of which escapes me, for a lunch break. We saw this old water tank perched on a lovely old cast iron stand (yes, that caught my eye)covered in vines and my son turned to me, said "Can I have the camera for a minute?", walked straight up and took this. Not bad.
Secret #7. I am one proud mum. Just don't tell him that.

Secret #8. I am a sucker for sunrises and sunsets. Getting out of bed to see the sunrise is an ongoing issue for me as I'm generally not a morning person, but we are lucky in Adelaide to have enough beautiful sunsets to make up for me missing the morning version. Besides, I really like to have a glass of wine in my hand when I'm watching the sun and I've been banned from drinking at breakfast, tsk. (I guess that's Secret #9).
Here's my faves, a sunrise from my front door and a couple of relaxing sunsets.

Now I should tell you that Secret #10 is that you can all breathe a collective blogger buddy sigh of relief, as I have no intention of tagging anyone individually. However, if any of you wish to take up the challenge voluntarily, feel free to do so. Let me know, as I have a frilly dress and a pogo stick ready for you.


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