Jan 27, 2010

The Diet

7.30am Someone tells me about a documentary they saw on a community in the slums of Mumbai, 1 million people in 1 square mile, and I am now imagining the poop issues associated with that. Don’t need breakfast after that.
Day #1 of The Diet going well so far.

7.50am Son is now eating breakfast in front of me, smells good, can feel my appetite returning, getting hungry.
Day #1 of The Diet, wavering already....

8am Fed the kitten some rancid smelling fish concoction.
Day #1 of The Diet back on track

9.20am Making a cup of tea and I just know I’m going to eat a biscuit with it... trying really hard to resist approaching the biscuit tin. And fail.
Day #1 of The Diet is really hard.

9.21am I have opened the biscuit tin to find nothing but one broken half of a YoYo biscuit, the whole packet I opened only 2 days ago is gone, which reminds me why I wanted to start a diet in the first place.
Day #1 of The Diet, well this should be easy as long as I never have any food in the cupboards....

10.58am Drinking water and wondering if it’s too early to drink wine. My conscience tells me it is. The bottle of Houghton’s Sauvignon Blanc Semillon in the fridge tells me it isn’t. The knowledge that I don’t have a packet of potato chips to eat with the wine holds me back. Conscience and lack of munchies in the house wins again.
Day #1 of The Diet and this willpower thing is a piece of cake...oh god, I said cake...

11.01am Searching for the remains of daughter’s birthday cake. I’m sure I hid, err, put the last slice at the back of the fridge behind the healthy yoghurts. Nobody would think to look there. I have to move the bottle of wine out of the way to search and am distracted by how comfortable and chilled the bottle feels in my hand....umm, what am I looking for again?
Day #1 of The Diet and the hunger is already affecting my short-term memory.

11.39am A friend calls me to invite me out to lunch at a lovely café with scrumptious food.
Day #1 of The Diet. Diet over. Worst 4 hours ever.


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