Dec 29, 2009

12 Days Before Christmas - The Saga Continues - Days 11-0

11 days before Christmas
somebody said to me
can you write another blog for us all?

10 days before Christmas
my builder said to me
it’s going well
next week you’ll get your brand new glass wall

9 days before Christmas
my daughter said to me
Mum here’s my list
of things I want
you didn’t meant it when you said keep it small...?

8 days before Christmas
her list it said to me
books, DVDs
clothes, shoes, phone
two pages long
another day of hell at the Mall

7 days before Christmas
my builder said to me
got some bad news
there’s a delay
no glass wall
your Christmas is here?
hope the weather doesn’t bring you a squall

6 days before Christmas
my husband said to me
it’s my work dinner
don’t you get drunk
just take it slow
oh my god
drinks are free
so I got pissed and had me a ball

5 days before Christmas
my own voice said to me
write some more cards out
wrap some more presents
no time to cook
get takeaway
eat it fast
oops broke a tooth
now I have to give the dentist a call

4 days before Christmas
my family said to me
we’re all so busy
we haven’t shopped yet
you’re such a good cook
you do it all
turkey and ham
salads too
even dessert
if you need a hand don’t give us a call

3 days before Christmas
my husband said to me
what will you be making?
have you made a list yet?
better get a move on
I’d like pavlovas
don’t forget prawns
cranberry sauce
whipped cream too
are you writing this down?
now I’m going out to hit a golf ball

2 days before Christmas
my builder said to me
running behind now
scaffolding still up
bricking not finished
we’re leaving early
it’s getting hot now
40 degrees
you should be right
to have your
Christmas in here
in a room that looks more like a mess hall

1 day before Christmas
my dentist said to me
let’s have a look here
wow that’s a big hole
filling has come out
half your tooth gone too
yes I can fix it
just let me numb it
won’t feel a thing
jab, drill and pack
drugs wore off
he said it wouldn’t hurt, I recall...??

On the day of Christmas
my own voice said to me
what do I do first?
far out, my mouth hurts
decorate pavlovas
make up the salads
hurry set the table
where are the crackers?
take some painkillers
open the gifts
sit, drink, eat
run me off my feet
can you tell I really do love it all?

Now go away and let me drink til New Year.

Dec 13, 2009

12 Days Before Christmas

20 days before Christmas
somebody said to me
it’s your turn to host us this year

19 days before Christmas
the aged care place called me
we have vacancies
can you bring your parents out here?

18 days before Christmas
my builder said to me
here’s a list
hurry, buy these things
though I don’t think we will finish this year

17 days before Christmas
the kids, they said to me
we’re staying home
no more school
sleeping all day
why are you looking at us with fear?

16 days before Christmas
the husband said to me
now I’m home too
hanging around
asking you what
you do all day
and don’t forget to buy me more beer

15 days before Christmas
my parents said to me
it’s moving day now
sort, pack and shift
fill all these forms out
where’s my pills?
don’t sit down yet
get another trailer load of our gear

14 days before Christmas
the builder cornered me
where do you want your lights put?
how many switches?
why don’t you know?
draw me a picture
think it through
can’t change your mind
the electrician’s visit is near

13 days before Christmas
my SIL, she said to me
what am I bringing
for our Christmas luncheon?
have you decided?
why ever not?
get organized
hurry now
it’s coming soon
oh where on earth is your Christmas cheer?

12 days before Christmas
my own voice said to me
kids are annoying
builders are banging
parents drive me crazy
husband is hanging
I haven’t shopped
no presents
not planned a thing
can Christmas be postponed til next year?


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